New Zealand Registered Designs

General Information

DeadlineWhen a deadline falls due on a weekend or holiday, you may file by the next working day after the deadline without any loss of rights.
ApplicantProprietor of design, individual or corporation; may be assignee or actual author.
NoveltyLocal novelty, i.e. no publication or use of design in New Zealand before filing date in New Zealand or Convention priority date (whichever is earlier).
ScopeProtects only features of shape and configuration and / or pattern or ornament of the article as shown in the representations. A Registered Design is not a substitute for a Utility Model or Petty Patent (not available in New Zealand) and cannot be used to protect functional features.
TermInitial term of 5 years from filing date or from Convention priority date, if claimed. Registration is renewable for two further 5-year periods (total 15 years).
MarkingNot compulsory but failure to do so may affect infringement damages. Marking should include 'NZ Reg Des' and Registration Number.
Multiple DesignsRequire separate applications and cannot be combined.

Filing Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Filing Date

1. ApplicantFull legal name, nationality and address.
2. RepresentationsDrawings or photographs of each view of item — sufficient to show whole of item clearly (.jpg or. pdf format) If Convention priority is claimed, the representations should match (or at least include) those of the Convention priority document.
3. ArticleTo which design is to be applied
4. (if applicable)Convention priority Country and date (application number optional).

Additional Formal Requirements

5. Information
  1. Priority applicant (if different) — full legal name, nationality and address
  2. Transfer of rights — from priority applicant (if different) — statement of employment or date of assignment.
Signed Form
(Authorisation of Agent)
Custom form provided by email within one working day:
  • Signed by applicant (if individual) or by an officer of the applicant company, whose position in the company should be stated.
  • No legalisation required.
  • Scanned copy acceptable.
Priority Document
  • Scanned Convention Priority document
  • Scanned verified English translation (if applicable)
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